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How can a Private Investigator help your Family Law case?

Orange County Private Investigator Justin D. Hodson, CPI lays out several reasons you should use a licensed professional private investigator to help with your family law case.

Child Custody Cases:

There are three services private investigators offer that can help your child custody case. The two services that are regularly requested and used in Family Law Court are surveillance and background research.

Surveillance is when an investigator physically observes the opposing parties and collects information on their habits. Often the investigator looks for neglect, abuse, and documents the people that are around the children. In these cases the investigator documents the opposing parties activity via video cameras and a written report. In past cases, investigators have obtained evidence of drug use, neglect of the children, physical child abuse and adults with criminal records with the children.

Background Research is when our investigators conduct full background checks on the opposing parties and anyone who might be around the children. The most requested reason is when the opposing party resides with unknown individuals. It is vital to know who these unknown people really are and their backgrounds. In some cases our investigators have been able to determine criminal backgrounds and in rare cases their past sexual offenses.

Finally, our investigators can locate individuals that need to be served with legal documents. Our investigators are also registered process servers and can serve the legal documents.

Child Support Cases:

In child support cases we can try to prove current employment for a parent. These parents often say they are not employed or claim they cannot work. Surveillance often can show that these parents are in fact working, many times off the books, being paid cash. In some cases parents claim they cannot work due to injury. Through a surveillance level investigation, our investigators can show they are capable of working.

For post judgment cases our investigator can help locate assets and accounts to collect on your judgment. This research can help identify all or most assets.

Alimony Cases:

In alimony cases we are often requested to prove cohabitation, marriage or employment. In cases where the other party stated they live alone, we can conduct surveillance and research to show they in fact have a significant other staying with them full time or that they are in fact married. In other cases, we can prove the other party is working when they state they cannot.

Similar to child support cases, our investigator can help locate assets and accounts to collect on your judgment. This research can help identify all or most assets.

Justin D. Hodson, CPI is the Vice President and Director of Surveillance at Gailey Associates, Inc. Gailey Associates, Inc., (GA) is a professional private investigation firm based in Orange County and Los Angeles California. GA has been providing investigative and intelligence services to the business and private sector communities since 1989, offering investigation and litigation support to law firms, individuals, municipalities, corporations and insurance companies. Practice areas of the firm include; Computer Forensics, Forensic Accounting, Employment and workplace investigations including sexual harassment and hostile work environment, workers compensation, surveillance, sub-rosa, missing persons, witness locates, domestic cases, cheating spouses, background investigations, and asset searches.

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